Sa Bhaile - Blended Learning Pack

Sa Bhaile - Blended Learning Pack


This product is a comprehensive pack of activities to support the teaching of 'Sa Bhaile' in senior classes while engaging in home learning. Depending on your class, the activities should last 2-3 weeks if Gaeilge is being covered daily.


The pack has been developed to be suitable for all home learning approaches (via email/ Aladdin/ SeeSaw/ Live classes/ etc) and does not require pupil printing.


The pack is also aimed at the individual level of the pupils/class with open ended tasks and activities to facilitate them to work at their own pace/ability. It has been tailored to facilitate variety and to maximise pupil engagement.


The pack includes

  • Topic overview including activities for all strands of the PLC - Teanga Ó Bhéal, Léitheoireacht and Scríbhneoireacht. The overview gives detailed activities including links to already available resources online, and detailed activties for which resources are supplied in this download. This is a comprehensive variety of activities from listening/speaking/reading/writing/story/poetry and online games.
  • Vocabularly picture/word cards for the topic
  • A variety of activities in PDF format to facilitate activities in the overview document
  • 3 voice recordings to share with pupils to faciliate activities in the overview document
  • A PowerPoint for those using live teaching to share with pupils including opportunities for discussion, vocab development and Cluiche Kim


The download entitles the user to a single license use of all products including permission to share with pupils on education/distance learning platforms. The user is not permitted to share, copy or send the contents of this download with any other user.