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This is a 50 page PDF download including:

  • Teaching ideas
  • Suggested use of resources
  • Orduimhreacha flash cards/display 1st -10th, 11th-20th and tens 10th-100th
  • One page per number classroom display including rules for 1st - 10th (vowes/consonant)
  • Classroom display posters with main rules
  • Copybook support sheets to stick into pupil copies
  • Two 'Labelling' activities to display on the interactive whiteboard or to print for groups to facilitate discussion and practice of the rules
  • Card game to reinforce learning of orduimhreacha
  • Board game to reinforce learning of orduimhreacha
  • 4 worksheets based on orduimhreacha useful for practice, revision and assesment
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