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An tEarrach / An Cháisc JUNIOR Bundle

An tEarrach / An Cháisc JUNIOR Bundle


This is a 70 page PDF download to support the teaching of An Cháisc / An tEarrach in the junior classes



  • A PDF download of a classroom display for the theme 'An Cháisc' including theme banner, 20 flashcards/posters of thematic vocab and conversation bubbles.



  • Nathracha agus Dréimire (Snakes and Ladders)
  • Taispeán Dom (teacher/pupils calls out an image and pupils find it on their sheet, can also be used for 'Feicim le mo shuilín')
  • Biongó (30 bingo boards and 1 callers sheet)
  • Cártaí Lúibe (loop cards)
  • Cártaí Imeartha (game cards which can be used for a number of card based games. More information on card games can be found in my Cluichí Teanga booklet)



  • Éist agus Dathaigh 
  • Rolladh, Abair agus Dathaigh
  • Túsfhuaimeanna
  • Siollaí 
  • Scríbhneoireacht
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