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Aimsir Láithreach

Aimsir Láithreach


This is a comprehensive 87 page PDF download to support the teaching of An Aimsir Láithreach in the senior classes.


It includes all the materials you would need to explore this topic in full in the classroom, however lends itself easily to teaching the topic in chunks, or teaching certain aspects only in the lower senior classes.


The download includes:

  • Teaching ideas
  • 4 pages of suggested use of the resource
  • Aimsir Láithreach rules display / teaching supports
  • Briathra san Aimsir Láithreach classroom display / flash cards
    • Briathra neamhrialta
    • Briathra neamrialta - ceist agus diúltach
    • Briathra réimniú 1
    • Briathra réimniú 2
  • Picture cards 
  • Word cards
  • Matching cards
  • Briathra neamhrialta loop cards
  • Bingo templates
  • 4 Board games
  •  Dice game
  • Copybook templates for recording the briathra
  • Practice worksheets


AIMSIR CHAITE also available.



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