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Ag Déanamh Abairte

Ag Déanamh Abairte


This is a 58 PDF download to support your class with sentence structure as Gaeilge.


It includes:

  • teaching ideas
  • suggested use of resource
  • large sentence order display cards which (colour-coded)
  • matching colour-coded pages to laminate and write upon when modelling for your class
  • sets of pupil cards (also colour coded) for each word type and colour coded boards to support your pupils in ordering the sentence correctly
  • practice worksheets / copybook templates
  • black and white versions to print on colour card


This resource supports the common sentence order: Briathar - Duine - Rud/ Gníomhaíocht/ Aidiacht - Áit - Am. It also supports sentences in the Aimsir Chaite, Aimsir Láithreach and Aimsir Fháistineach



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