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Ag an Trá BUNDLE (junior)

Ag an Trá BUNDLE (junior)


This download is a 35 Page PDF and includes the following, based on the theme of 'Ar an Trá'  for the junior end of the school:



  • A  classroom display for the theme 'Mo Pheata' including theme banner, 20 flashcards/posters of thematic vocab and 6 conversation bubbles.



  • Nathracha agus Dréimire (Snakes and Ladders)
  • Taispeán Dom (teacher/pupils calls out an image and pupils find it on their sheet, can also be used for 'Feicim le mo shuilín')
  • Cártaí Lúibe (loop cards with images)
  • Cártaí Spraoi (game cards which can be used with any card based language game)

More information on card games can be found in my Cluichí Teanga booklet.



1. Éist agus Dathaigh (pupils follow teacher instructions to colour items in specific colours)

2. Bhí mé ar an trá (pupils practice their Gaeilge writing and draw themselves on the beach)

3. Foclóir (pupils practice their Gaeilge writing and illustrate the words)

4. Siollaí (pupils identify the syllables, match and colour)

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