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100 Early Finsher Tasks

100 Early Finsher Tasks


This is a PDF download containing 100 early finisher tasks for pupils from 2nd class upwards.


Pupils use a copy with a 100 square stuck onto the first page. For each task they complete they colour the corresponding square on the 100 square. Over the course of the school year, the aim is that pupils will complete as much of the 100 square as they can.


Tasks are in English and vary from free writing, creative writing, poetry, various genres, illustrations, etc.


The 100 task cards include 10 STEM challenges. The STEM challenges themselves are not include so they can be removed and replaced, or you can supply STEM challenges for your pupils. I have a box with a variety of STEM materials and STEM cards sourced on Teachers Pay Teachers. If they draw a STEM early finisher card they can take a STEM activity from the box and complete the challenge.

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