Éadaí - Junior Classes Blended Learning Pack

Éadaí - Junior Classes Blended Learning Pack


This product is a comprehensive pack of activities to support the teaching of 'Éadaí' in junior classes while engaging in home learning. It covers the theme over two weeks with one daily lesson.


The pack has been developed to be adaptable for all home learning approaches (via email/ Aladdin/ SeeSaw/ Live classes/ etc). Teachers may be required to create additional materials at times to support their pupils learning (create their own videos/voice recordings/etc).


The pack has been tailored to facilitate variety and to maximise pupil engagement.


The pack includes

  • Topic overview including a day by day breakdown of activities over a two week period. The activities are focused primarily on Teanga Ó Bhéal and new vocab acquisition. There are some simple reading (phonological awareness) and writing activities (illustrating, matching, simple sentences).
  • The overview gives recommended activities including links to online activities using online resources and activties for which resources are supplied in this download. This is a comprehensive variety of activities from listening/speaking/poetry/roleplay/phonological awareness and online games.
  • Vocabularly picture/word cards for the topic
  • A variety of activities in PDF format to facilitate activities in the overview document
  • Links to 3 voice recordings to share with pupils to faciliate activities in the overview document


Focus vocabulary of the pack:

gúna, sciorta, t-léine, léine, bríste, bríste reatha, bróga, bróga reatha, geansaí, cóta báistí, riteoga, stocaí, hata gréine, culaith shnámh, húdaí, bríste géine, bríste ghearr,pitseámaí, veist, siopa éadaí, líne éadaigh


Focus phrases of the pack:

Cad atá ort? Tá _____ orm.

Ba mhaith liom ______. Seo duit.

Cad atá sa mhála? Tá ________sa mhála.

Tá _______ ar an líne éadaigh.

Fíor nó bréagach? Fíor/Bréagach



The download entitles the user to a single license use of all products including permission to share with pupils on education/distance learning platforms. The user is not permitted to share, copy or send the contents of this download with any other user.